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Caught My Eye - The Gender Pay Gap Bot, Heinz and Mark Ritson on ’Brand Purpose’

May 10, 2022

 HannahSteve and Ken get together again to discuss things that 'caught their eye' in the news.


  • Steve highlights the Gender Pay Gap Bot on Twitter - "Tweeting Gender Pay Gap Data for #InternationalWomensDay". Created by copywriter Francesca Lawson and software developer Ali Fensome in 2021. As reported in The Drum, the bot "took the internet by storm after it began sharing brands’ “fluffy” posts alongside data exposing their gender pay gap." 


  • Hannah shared the Heinz "Draw Ketchup" ad campaign - that Campaigns Of The World described as created because Heinz were "starting to see brand affinity scores decline as competitors stole share... it conducted a social experiment with participants from 18 countries, anonymously asked to draw ketchup."


  • Ken discusses 'Brand Purpose' (not to be confused with the purpose of a brand) and picks up on disparaging comments from Mark Ritson, the enfant terrible of the marketing world, stating that customers probably don't care but employees probably do.  


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