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John Sinclair - Dean, Faculty of Arts, Science & Technology - University of Northampton

March 22, 2021

John Sinclair, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Science & Technology (FAST) at the University of Northampton joins the podcast to talk about the University's support for Digital Northampton.


John describes growing up in the north east of Scotland (and being part of the "Doric Diaspora" - see link below). He talks about his background as an academic, initially studying Geography at the University of Aberdeen and moving to London to work as a Research Assistant. He joined the (then) Nene College in 1993 as programme leader for Earth Science. He subsequently became the Divisional Lead for Environmental Science, the Associate Dean, Deputy Dean, Acting Dean and finally Dean of FAST in 2016.

John talks about how the Active Blended Learning Approach at the University helped them quickly adjust to teaching students remotely during the pandemic and how the experience of doing this has accelerated the approach to teaching in a way that best suits the individual student.   



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